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Originally Posted by Eph View Post
Really? I thought it would be my footwork...
They go hand in hand; improving one will help with the other. The improvement won't be small, it's like paying more than the minimum balance on a debt...It gets exponentially easier to move and at a higher level with each pound dropped. In turn, you'll play more and have more ability and stamina. Trust me.

I was there. I've dropped just shy of 70 pounds (I'm 170 now) since the end of October '08. Make no mistake it was a lot of hard work and discipline. But it is the best thing I did for myself. I used tennis as my catalyst, and played every chance I had....Indoors, outdoors, leagues, tournaments...I always set a goal and went for it. With a revised diet and playing tennis 4-5 times a cardio health is the equivalent of an elite 24 year old.

I used to be a very serious athlete and was accomplished at my sport. But, a corporate job and being a dad made putting the pounds on easier than getting them off.
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