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medical twmac gurus, i really need some advice.

1) me and nitefly went out and shot some serving videos yesterday and now for the first time ever my right shoulder (serving shoulder) is in pain. as in i cant move my right shoulder up past 90 degrees above my head. i didnt hear a pop or anything and i'm sure its just sore from the serving practice. i would normally take some time off and i should be fine but... i have a practice match against a 3.5 later today. the bigger problem is that i'm in 2 tournaments starting tomorrow and i have a match for each tomorrow, one at 3:30pm and one at 8:00pm. stupid draw. so any advice on what to do for the shoulder? this is the first time sometime like this has happened to me so i'm kind of clueless.

2) first time i met tfm, we hit for an hour indoors to get ready for the santa bowl. later that day, i hit for 2 hours with my doubles partner. i cramped up at the end of the second set. last week, i played 4 sets of doubles with the jjjoshes and started cramping up really bad at the end of the 4th set. i'm worried about cramping tomorrow cause i'll be playing against a 4.0 in my 8pm match. i remember jrs telling me to drink lots of gatorade and eat some bananas. any other suggestions on what i should do?

any help would be appreciated. i really really hope i don't get destroyed in both my matches tomorrow...
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