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Originally Posted by alice301 View Post
nope, no love today. "big bag of suck" pretty much sums up my match this morning. i was so tight that i couldn't brush the ball to save my sorry life. since i was incapable of following through with my shots today, my "jiha'ad tennis" translated to drop-shots and serving & volleying. and if you've seen my serves, or my volleys, you know what a suicide mission that was. but since i'd reached the existential plane of utter despair (down 3-6, love-40 in the second set), i served & volleyed with everything i had (not much) and mangaged to get to 4(!) deuce points before flaming out. baise ma vie indeed.

I feel you on that one. Lack of practice has my game in the basement right now too.

Outside of tennis - things are just blech! I think it's this weather. Something is seriously out of whack! Not like an average sunny june at all.

Allergies are kicking my azz like it's April or May...
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