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Originally Posted by datsveryinterestin View Post
ibuprofen - it works wonders.
technique - i used to jam my shoulder a lot when serving because I wasn't throwing the toss out in front enough. now that i have changed my service motion... much less pain the day after playing in the ol' shoulder.
water - lots of it.. drink it the night before... the day of, and during!
i felt like krap for the last 2 days, all due to not drinking enough during the French Open drinking/honeypig/tennis fest!
sup is probably still recovering too!
Hey, Dats, looks like we might - just might, mind you - sneak in some tennis at Kenmore between the monsoons. We'll have to swim through the humidity, but I can hack it (literally) for an hour or so. We still on, right? Any other takers?
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