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Originally Posted by ramseszerg View Post
Do you have a coach? Because you need one.
Originally Posted by ramseszerg View Post
At least I had the courage to post a video. When I posted my first post on this thread, I was talking to Eph, not you or anyone else. And Eph knows I didn't mean it offensively. When we communicate over the internet the tone and body language is lost, and the only reason you take it to mean offense is because your brain is wired that way. A-hole is you.
LOL I like that you try to cover up your smart ***** comment since no one backed you up and are now calling you out on it.

saying he "needs" a coach is different than suggesting/recommending kindly.

BTW I like that you now took down your vids.

Originally Posted by ramseszerg View Post
I'm working with 3-4 coaches right now so I'd rather focus on what they tell me. Not really sure why I posted, I guess for people who saw my previous videos to see.
Doesn't seem to help you since you're sub par 2.5-3.0.
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