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Originally Posted by ramseszerg View Post
At least I had the courage to post a video. When I posted my first post on this thread, I was talking to Eph, not you or anyone else. And Eph knows I didn't mean it offensively. When we communicate over the internet the tone and body language is lost, and the only reason you take it to mean offense is because your brain is wired that way. A-hole is you.
Originally Posted by chico9166 View Post
Do you now feel better about your game? Ridiculous!
Originally Posted by Raid View Post
just ignore him mate, youre doing good, keep at it, one step at a time
Originally Posted by TennisPassion5 View Post
So do you, bud.
Apparently it was 3 users that took offense, not 1, and you can count me in +4.
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