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Originally Posted by alice301 View Post
baise ma vie indeed.
I'll have to remember this for another FML option... awesome... also know anyplace in the newmarket/fredrick area w/ a hitting wall? Getting the urge to play wallball after sitting on my @$$ here at work all day...

Originally Posted by JRstriker12 View Post
I feel you on that one. Lack of practice has my game in the basement right now too.
I'm feeling ya on this one man... my forehand is all sorts of slap happy at the moment!

Originally Posted by prestigeprolover View Post
any help would be appreciated. i really really hope i don't get destroyed in both my matches tomorrow...
Sorry bud, best I can offer is ice, rest, and if you need to play extra-strength motrin! maybe after some of that and playing in the humidity it will loosen up enough to gut it out... otherwise best case might be just rest
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