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Originally Posted by TheJRK View Post
Sorry holmes, I won't get off work until about 7pm today. Anyone down for a Thursday Wakefield hit? Assuming it doesn't rain... which it will.

PPL - I'm gonna say what Sup said to me (which I hate to hear) but that racket is probably too heavy for you. I used to do like Hollywood and spend 2-3 hours a day just practicing my serve... absolutely no pain afterwards. I wasn't using a 12.1 oz stick though. I'm not sure if I could do the same now using my MGPP. You probably have lead on your MGPP as well I'm guessing. You should probably just rest it... a few days of no tennis is better than 5 months, which is what happened to me last year.

TFM - I will try and start a TW Spain thread. I found that there is a tennis academy nearby Rota... at least I can go there and get beat by all the 12 year old Spanish kids.

I need to make more sangria...
Have a match this Thursday.

Also, yes, PPL...JRK brings up a good point about the weight of your racquet. You don't get extra 'man' points for every ounce of lead on your racquet!!!!!
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