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Originally Posted by BullDogTennis View Post
solat...nothin against your post up there, i didnt actually read it all, but i looked at the picture, and i just wann know how your comparing somone (eph) hitting a completely CLOSED forehand, to what looks like agassi hitting a completely OPEN forehand...there gonna be quite a bit differnt in mechanics...but i didnt actually read it so im not gonna go about what your saying is wrong, just wonderin why you would compare somethin so differnt. ill go back and read it a bit later tho, im a bit pressed on time.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but Solat only gave instruction on the upper body mechanics, contact point and follow through. That should be identical for both open and closed stance FHs. Points to Solat for taking the time to mock up the screen caps.
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