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hey guys

thanks for all the support

for those of you who asked what the outcome was,

it was simply nothing.

there was nothing that i could do, i contacted police in australia and they said they couldnt really do anything

and through that, i didnt bother to contact the cops in u.s cause i presume they would have done nothing anyway

so basically, i got scammed - and there was nothing that i do

and i guess through this experience, it has left me with a sour taste in my mouth given that a lot of ppl say that i should only trade with people who have good feedback etc - well charles had good feedback

i guess sometimes its luck of the draw - dealing with people you dont know, especially international

and so many times i have wanted to buy stuff from tennis talk but just this experience has rendered me paralyzed

nothing that i can really do

anybody living near him, like to pop him a visit? =P
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