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Originally Posted by Salman
What do you think of the FL?
Does the DG have any cons?
How is the customer service?
I don't have any experience with the FL.

The cons on the DG aren't many and they are small in nature. The split drum is a little slow because you have to wrap the string around it and then slip it into the slot. However, I got pretty good at it after enough reps. The tool trays leave a little to be desired. The one under the cradle is almost useless. I stored tools in there that I didn't use much. The reel post could be a little longer. As I've already stated, the clamps are a little cumbersome.

Having said all of that, keep in mind what you would be paying for it. You'd be getting a true CP machine with a very good racquet mounting system. The USRSA just did a test on the Aria, which has the same mounting system as the DG. The mounting system received great reviews from the USRSA.

Customer service is very good. I had but one problem with the DG and John and his crew took good care of me.

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