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The Wislon Sting Midsize is awesome. I decided to "walk off" the rat-race and hit today for the first time in months. I took out a ps 85 China and immediately regretted not having a loosely strung St. Vincent in my bag.

Like the txe which was also in my bag the china was too stiff to hit the ball with its' own weight. I would have to grip them tightly just to hit a soft loose shot. I needed something more forgiving and with more dwell time and flex to cup the ball.
I dipped into my bag and found a Sting Midsize.

It felt more flexible than the ps 85 but still crisp. It seemed to come together on shots in a different way. The composition felt more like a head edge. The thinner beam allowed me to fully express my Sampras-like strokes with fluidity and cut through with the racquet using angles not attainable with the ps 85. The inverted stabilizer bar sounds like Ray Robinson exhaling as he goes to the body: a whizzing whistle that signals that this porsche of a racquet is about to make love to the ball, marry the point, and give birth to tactical and technical possibilities which express the very profound powerful yet friendly harmonies of my sun- soaked world.
Not only that, short balls which required shots that the ps 85 was incapable of were swimming off of my strings. I felt I could hospitalize my opponent at will when he was at net. I felt like Anders Jarryd on passing shots and produced some uncharacteristic inspired brilliance which spilled over into the rest of by beautiful day.
One last thing, ps 85 sucks ***** for spin potential. Sting has modern spin potential which lets you hop baseline groundies with topspin, at will. Also I always feel like my balls go a few inches long with the PS 85, with the Sting mid they miraculously drop in.
I'm no expert on anything, but I do have a wee bit of expertise in play-testing ps 85's, owning about 20 en toto. I've tried almost every version; from the 7.0 85, to the stars and stripes 85, six "Saint"'s, ten china's, and four Taiwan's.
Like looking for love, I have been looking for a Wilson Ceramic or some such other lower end 85 which could outperform the ps 85. I have finally found one. Next mission is to get a matched pair of Sting Mids (both with ps 85 and without) in 3/8 and some sting 2's. I honestly feel like I'm in love again...
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