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I meant what I said literally, not metaphorically. Even seeing the pictures of the Stings is the feeling of being in love. 20 years ago when I lost my Virginity with a really hot Blonde South African girl I felt love.
Since then I have felt love but only after long periods of getting to trust the woman. And the love seemed more like the love for my parents, heritage or spirituality. Not that giddy exciting new teenage love feeling.
I have found that feeling again with the sight or thought of the Stings (seriously, not being poetic at all). Only problem is, the South African girl was a model, my last gf could have been as well. If the Sting was a girl she'd be a bucktooth snorting ...well you get the picture.
Who cares what others think though. I obviously am excited at the world of playability it offers me.
I'll trade Jimbo, but the grip has to be 3/8, I want it to feel perfect, just like the blonde South African girl...
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