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Originally Posted by jimbo333 View Post
It was schu47 not me!!!
Jimbo's right, Plaz. It's me. How could you possibly get us mixed up?

I've got a few Stings and Sting 2s, but, unfortunately, none in 4 3/8. But I do have a beauty of an SC2000 in a 4 3/8. I don't have any specs on these racquets, and would love to know the differences or similarities among them, but the SC2000 certainly doesn't feel as stiff as the Sting.

I did just get another really interesting version of the Sting. Here is my SC2000, and a very close relative called the Tour Select SC. The SC2000s are fairly hard to find, but I'd never seen a Tour Select until getting this one. They seem virtually identical, but the Tour Select feels just a tad heavier, perhaps with a little more swing weight, than the SC2000. Although it's hard to tell from the photos, it also has a bit of a silver tint to it, whereas the SC2000 is white. But I am a big fan of Stings, and so it was a special treat to find this one. It's really gorgeous.

Maybe someone out there knows more about the Wilsons of this era than I do, but it occurs to me that the Tour Select might have been designed for players on the tour -- the name Pro Select at least implies that.

I'm not sure if either of these is your blonde South African girl, Plaz, but I'll bet they're pretty close.

Anyone else have a Tour Select and know anything about it? I haven't had a chance to hit with it yet.

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