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I think these are my blonde south african twins. Just found a guy who can shave grips as well so the party is on. I am looking for that st. vincent's flex. My China's are too stiff. How do these play compared to the St.Vincent? I have to string my st vincent almost too loosely to get the desired flex and might go back to the anachronistic cosmetics and amazing playability of the sting midsize with pws.
I don't like mushball frames, but if you ever saw me play you'd say "(expletive, expletive) that (eplective) kid can (expletive) play tennis". And indeed I can. I've moved on from the smoking yummy blonde South African baby doll to a petite Phillipina; but still wish my racquet-life was more settled.
This tour select duo deserves a test drive. The graphics remind me of totem art. The beam looks like the stars and stripes which is a superb frame, but again a bit stiff for my working class arm.
These could be be my blonde south african twins, never hit with two racquets at once...know what I mean???
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