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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
He's younger than Nadal and SO FAR he's done better in slams than Murray and better on clay as well. I'm not saying it's a given he will ever be #1 but he definitely has a chance.
HE is only a year younger than Nadal. That is hardly anything. The only surface he seems to still be better than Murray on this point is on clay, Murray has probably surpassed him on all other surfaces now. While Murray is improving fast, Djokovic is stagnating or regressing, then coming up for a bit, then having a bad loss and losing some confidence, a cycle like that. Overall Murray is pulling away from him at the moment though. As for doing better in slams, Murray has had a better result than Djokovic in 3 of the last 4 slams. Then there is someone like Del Potro who is coming up fast and if Djokovic doesnt turn things around could easily be surpassed by him too. That isnt to mention all the many younger players who we either know of but are not up there (eg- Gulbis, Cilic, Nishokori) who might or might not make it someday, plus players who are noted juniors now (Tomic) or who we know almost nothing about now but some who will arrive as top tenners in the future.

To answer the thread question no I dont think Djokovic will ever be ranked #1. I think #3 could easily turn out to be his career highest ranking.
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