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Originally Posted by lambielspins View Post
That isnt even counting Del Potro and many other potential big future champions.

Djokovic could have been #1 in 1998-2002 and probably would have won a bunch of slam titles during this weak period. The period he is coming up in though, no, he is not good enough to ever reach #1 amongst the current field and what he will face in coming years.
Everyone is talking about great future stars that will be too good for Djokovic. I understand Murray, since he's been beating Djokovic recently, although he doesn't exist on clay. But who else?

Del Potro has improved a lot, but he hasn't shown that much yet. He beat Nadal once and Murray once on clay, and pushed Fed to 5 sets at FO, but apart from that he's been owned by all top 4 consistently.

Others like Cilic and Gulbis are a year younger than Djoko and are far less accomplished than Djoko was this time last year.

Others like Nishikori are too young to discuss seriously.

Djokovic may improve his form later on, Del Potro may settle down. Anything can happen, but posters have already concluded that Djokovic will stay where he is and others will zip past him. That reminds one of how Djokovic was hyped as being way better than Nadal and Fed last year.

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