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I (painfully) hid the name of the others, some have survived, some are hidden, we were all there though, here are the names of some, never forget. at night sometimes I light a candle, I swear I can hear them in the wind....

friends who have passed on, but were nevertheless great
tx 017
royal carbon
comp edge
graphite tour
challenge plus
mirage mid
head royal turbo
techno pro
century plus
royal pro
century pro
classic long
classic mid
arrow plus
presige midplus (first appearance of the word prestige, gold racquet).
classic fiber
classic mid
I promised the others that I would keep their names alive. They were humble but great racquets, senselessly lost to "progress"...never forget, though they come with stiff overpriced sweatshopped crap we must stand true.

when they came for the kneissls I didn't protest because I played rossignol,
when they came for the prostaff I said nothin because I used yonex.
When they destroyed the prestige I was silent as I had switched to wilson
By the time they got to me there were no true midsizes left, and no one to left to speak up
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