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(courtesy of retrowagon)

*** Any 18x20 pattern, 600cm2 (93 sq. inch head), "Pro" or later Prestige mid can be CAP-ed.

There were three basic molds from 1985 to present day:
1.) "Box Beam" (non-CAP, either fitted with no bumper or a normal bumper):
Graphite Pro
Composite Pro
Club Pro
Team Pro
Tour Pro
Special Edition Pro
Tubo Lite Plus

(there were a few versions/cosmetics of each, and some were made in USA and others in Austria, but the mold is identical across the board for these three models)

NOTE: These can be full-CAP'ed with a little persistence. The depth and width of the grommet slot is not ideal for the CAP, but with some persistence, it will fit and can be strung up.

2.) Thinbeam (1988 only, originally fitted with a half-CAP, all Made in Austria):
Elite Pro
Elektra Pro
Leconte Evolution

NOTE: These can be CAP'ed with a full-length CAP, but they are very difficult to string and the result is less than ideal, in my opinion.

3.) "Prestige" Mids (originally fitted with full-CAP's, of course):
Prestige Pro
Prestige 600
Prestige Classic
Trisys 300 Mid Trisys 270 Mi)
Prestige Tour
Classic Mid
Prestige Classic 600
iPrestige Mid
Liquidmetal Prestige Mid
Microgel Prestige Mid

(courtesy of retrowagon)

Basically any frame in group #1 can swap its pallet halves and/or collar with any other frame in that group. But neither part is swappable with a frame from group #2 or 3 above. Groups 2 and 3 can exchange pallets or collars (except for the Trisys 300 or Prestige Tour frames which use a different vibration absorbing plastic pallet system).

It should be noted that some of the Prestige Mids came from the factory without collars (Classic Mid, iPrestige, LM Prestige, MG Prestige...).
Pro Staff Midsize

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