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these were all players racquets. What makes the series so amazing isn't a singular racquet but rather the technology that went into the entire line. How can you accurately discuss the complete evolution without discussing the xrc??? you failed to mention the first prestige which was the gold one, as well as an elusive series of molds that can be found on the 80's tennis site.

The legitimate offering of varied types of players racquets within the same mold deserves mention as this company was not famous for one specific racquet or a great player, even though they made some of the greatest sticks ever.
If I were mentioning wilson or prince and something like the graphite pro or the matrix, your rebuttle would have been valid, but many sticks I mentioned (like the arrow which is the european release of the graphite pro) are as good as the ps sv.
The later part of your post is scholarly yet the early history denies lots of experimental frames which were very interesting and place the evolution of this companies products into a historical perspective.
Are you sure the graphite vector is smaller than the graphite edge?
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