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Originally Posted by vsbabolat View Post
Great post!!!! I just wanted to make clear the ownership of HEAD through the years.

In 1985 AMF was bought by Minstar.

In 1989 Minstar sold HEAD, Tyrolia, and Mares to the Management team to form HTM.

In 1993 HEAD (HTM) was sold to Austria Tabak (Tobacco)

In 1995 Johan Eliasch bought HEAD (HTM) and continues to run it today.
Thank you, I will add this info. Also, I've been itching to ask you about Twaron use. How does one know if a racquet has Twaron in it. Aside from an obvious decals on earlier Prestiges and Elite Pro I have there is no way to tell. Do PC 600 or PT 600 have Twaron?
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