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Originally Posted by at182 View Post

appreciate all your help and encouragement, my intention for starting this thread was to vent a bit of my frustration and really look for some advice. Sorry if there has been any misunderstanding.

just to recap, i did finally get a response from kirby after starting this thread and sending a threatening email to him. So on the 20th of May he finally responded infact almost immediately. He said that he has been busy and said that he shipped them a few days before that.

Now an update. On the 2nd June i get an email from him confirming that he has received my kblade tour and get this he says.... "The post office called me and said they lost the racquet in shipment. I sent my other 3/8 gripsize one out a few days ago, and you should receive it next week"

do post offices really call to tell you that they lose packages in Canada, cause if it is - that's a great service they're running over there for packages with no tracking number. So fearsome forehand was right in saying expect the lame excuses.

Well it's now the 17th of June - a long way away from when I shipped my racket on the 10th of May... I guess I really learnt my lesson this time
Sounds like a lie, IMO. How would they know who to call or how to contact the package owner if the package is lost. All that information is on the customs forms which are attached to the package.

BTW, those customs forms have a bar code and you can track the package by that code.

IMO, you were lied to and strung along. Your initial feeling was correct and you were correct to post your concerns here.
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