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Originally Posted by NamRanger View Post
Del Potro is improving at a rapid rate that is absolutely scary.

Djokovic is getting tooled by Roddick of all people (and this is coming from a Roddick fan) all year long. Even getting beat by the likes of Haas and Kohlschrieber. All quality players; but all players Djokovic SHOULD beat, especially Haas and Kohlschrieber.

If he doesn't do something soon, he'll probably never reach world #1.
That is what I am seeing too. Del Potro and Murray are improving and moving up fast while Djokovic is struggling to try and sustain for periods of time his level from spring 2007-spring 2008 at best. Unless something changes fast he will be well behind both before too long.

Also people keep saying when Federer and Nadal are gone, well there is a good chance Federer and Nadal wont be done winning majors until 2012 or so, and by that time there will could be who knows players emerge as top threats in addition.

You also need consistency to reach World #1. Djokovic showed consistency in 2007 and the first half of 2008 but has lost that consistency since.
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