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Originally Posted by kirbster123 View Post
I just saw this thread and was very surprised. I did not see this earlier and Andrew if there was a problem, you should have talked to me first. The post office told me that the racquet was lost in shipment. Having said that, I sent another racquet in the same condition. I followed up with you to tell you that you should receive it next week. Yet, you did not send me an email if there was a problem. I still dont know if you have received the racquet. If you havent, I can send back your kblade or paypal you the money, but you should have emailed me first if there was a problem. I don't go through looking at the references very often and luckily I found this one.
Sounds like this issue may get last.
OP, please keep us posted.
I would like to think that kirbster123 is not a bad person but, just....irresponsible may many kids are. In any case, let's hope for positive outcome.
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