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Originally Posted by kirbster123 View Post
The Post office contacted me because I am a small business owner, and save on a plan called Venture One. Anytime I ship something, it is logged on my account. When the product didnt arrive to its destination, they have contact info. If I did not have Venture One, then yes, there would be no one to contact.
I don't believe you.

So, prove me wrong and post the original tracking number here and the correspondence you received from the PO. If you have some special business plan... you should be able to track the package from origin to delivery.

Where was the package lost? Where are the insurance forms for your compensation from the Post Office?

Originally Posted by at182 View Post
honestly though kirby, it's now been three weeks since you "resent" your racket and I still haven't seen it, you claim that your racket was lost the first time around, you didn't reply until i sent you a threatening email after we agreed to the trade - even though you were active on these forums during that period.

and now it's not until people start tarnishing your reputation that you make a show....

Put yourself in my shoes mate, what do you think, would you feel shafted?
Kirby, why has his replacement racquet taken 3 weeks to arrive... which, BTW, hasn't even happened?

You should have overnighted him the racquet (with tracking!) for all the trouble he's gone through waiting for you to deliver on your trade.

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