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Originally Posted by Tennis2001 View Post
I didn't read through all these threads, i don't need to and i don't want to. Few things I can see clearly:
1. One user id often have arguments with many people, that person is somehow abnormal. Kirbster, you can check and find out who.
2. A few user id's look very familiar, appear very often in this grey zone, i call them "a small group" or "minority group". Those few people normally protect each other and together aggressively attack another person who is not familiar in the small group. They really want to break down that person who even have a long good history and never had even ONE bad feedback before.
3. I don't know your true story, whether you are right or wrong. I just want to tell you that BE on your own and DON'T be affected by those people in the small group.
4. I don't really know who you are, you believe me or not, i don't care, but that is what I clearly see.
5. The worst thing is they made conclusions while they only based on one-side info. This zone should be for reference ONLY, not for judgement. Otherwise it becomes a court without justice since it is always controlled by "a small group".
1. you are clueless
2. you are very clueless
3. you are very, very clueless
4. you are very, very, very clueless
5. you are very, very, very, very clueless
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