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Originally Posted by kirbster123 View Post
The Post office contacted me because I am a small business owner, and save on a plan called Venture One. Anytime I ship something, it is logged on my account. When the product didnt arrive to its destination, they have contact info. If I did not have Venture One, then yes, there would be no one to contact.
I say - back to original plan.
1. Contact his coach and University
2. Contact admins of TT and ask them to ban him from doing business here.

Unless tracking info is provided.
Also, i own 2 businesses and also have a full time job. Any package that i send through my business accounts is being tracked automatically and tracking is available as soon as it is logged to USPS system. Also, all packages are automatically insured up to $100.
And besides, where is the package? Are you telling me that Canadian postal service lost 2 packages in a row??? COME ON! What are odds of that happening? Or do you think you are the only smart one here?
I wanted to think that you are a good person and just made a mistake by being irresponsible but, after reading your replies.....Man.....It is just so pathetic.
I mean, think about it - you are putting your good name and reputation on the line over lousy $100(or less)??? Is this what your good name is worth to you?
I give you my word, that , IF, only IF, God forbid, something like that ever happened and i was in your place, i swear, i would pay the guy double the money just to protect my name and reputation.
But, that is me. Different people have different values in life. To me, my name and reputation is worth more than money. To some, their good name is worth just lousy $100.
Only two things are infinite; The Universe and Human Stupidity, and I'm not sure about the Universe -Albert Einstein.

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