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Originally Posted by Azzurri View Post
1. you are clueless
2. you are very clueless
3. you are very, very clueless
4. you are very, very, very clueless
5. you are very, very, very, very clueless
. I am happy people read my post thoroughly this time.
. Back to case with Harry, you made a lot of firm conclusions after getting info from Harry, but none from me. This is called one-side judgement. A judge can't do the right job if he/she doesn't listen to both sides. I've never said Harry was right or wrong, it wasn't the purpose of my post. Listenning to one-side evidences then made the conclusions, that meant that you assumed Harry was right and I am wrong from beginning. Otherwise you at least asked me if Harry's statement was correct before you came up with some conclusions. That was what i called "a court without justices"
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