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Originally Posted by at182 View Post
As I said earlier it's now been three weeks since you ‘resent’ another racket and I still haven't seen it

here are the facts

- I sent you 3 emails to follow up whether you sent your racket with no reply (yet you were definitely online active on these forums during that time)
- I sent you a threatening email and started this thread finally there was a response saying you were busy and the rackets been sent
- You were not able to provide a tracking number or copy of a receipt
- I get an email from you telling me you’ve received my racket, and somehow the post office called you regarding a package that that is not tracked saying it’s been lost and you’ve sent another one exactly the same condition
- Again no tracking provided
- 3 weeks after that still no racket..

and again I stress it's not until people start tarnishing your reputation that you make a show...

what do you suggest is fair outcome to this?
. Kirbster123, you don't have tracking, it is your fault as I did. You should refund by now. Late if at182 get the racket, he will refund and keep the racket or just return the racket. It is my opinion and it was my own experience. The only difference is i communicated very often so the buyer always felt secure.
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