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Originally Posted by kirbster123 View Post
I just saw this thread and was very surprised. I did not see this earlier and Andrew if there was a problem, you should have talked to me first. The post office told me that the racquet was lost in shipment. Having said that, I sent another racquet in the same condition. I followed up with you to tell you that you should receive it next week. Yet, you did not send me an email if there was a problem. I still dont know if you have received the racquet. If you havent, I can send back your kblade or paypal you the money, but you should have emailed me first if there was a problem. I don't go through looking at the references very often and luckily I found this one.
Originally Posted by kirbster123 View Post
Canada Post did not offer tracking with the method that I chose. Express shipping was the only choice with tracking, but was extremely expensive. I have already lost one racquet, and it looks like I have lost 2 racquets, which is a very unlikely situation. I am still willing to pay Andrew back for his loss. After I sent the 2nd racquet, no communincation was done on his part to say if he had or had not received the racquet. If he had simply sent me an e-mail saying he has not received his racquet, I would have gladly sent him the money. It makes no sense for me to make up these stories of me sending racquets that are getting lost in shipment, and in the end for me pay for the racquet.

Our fiend Kirby claims that Canada Post called him to tell him the parcel was lost. (No doubt a first in the history of a national postal service.) When asked to provide a tracking number for the shipment(s), Kirby responded that tracking was not available for the level of service he selected. (That latter claim seems to be true. I took a look at the Canada Post website and services with tracking are very expensive on international shipments.)

However, how would the Canada Post be able to determine a parcel is lost if there in no tracking number, and therefore, no way to trace the parcel's status? Do they have clairvoyant postal workers on staff to monitor untraceable parcels up there in Canada? Do these psychic postman somehow envision that a parcel is marooned on a deserted Pacific isle and then immediately dial up the sender of the tracking-less shipment to inform him of his parcel's sad end? I never before realized the incredible level of service the Canadian Postal Service provides to our dear neighbors to the North. I am mightily impressed, indeed.

To at182: Based on the terrible communication, the lack of tracking numbers, or receipts, for shipments real, or imagined, and Kirby's prior dealings here (e.g., with Azurri), I regret to inform you that, in all probability, you've been scammed, mate. And although it seems more likely than not that Kirby didn't actually ship anything, we still hold out a shred of hope that Kirby, as is his pattern, blew off shipping the racket for several weeks, then finally did ship it at some point and it is merely a little tardy in arriving in Oz. But, frankly, it isn't looking so good and I'm not getting a warm fuzzy feeling that you are ever going to receive the racket.

Perhaps, if you contact the Division of Clairvoyant Parcel Locators of the Canadian Postal Service, they can telepathically provide you with the GPS coordinates of your lost racket. Or, maybe, they will call you if you summon them with your thoughts.

The public flogging Kirby Mendes has taken via this thread has, at least, enticed him to finally respond to you in some fashion. I hope he is swift enough to see the value in sending you a paypal payment to reimburse you for the racket (plus shipping) that you sent him in trade for the now much discussed racket of unknown whereabouts. By doing so, he could remove some of the tarnish that clings to his name at present. (Lest he become a permanent inductee in the TW Classifieds Rogues Gallery inhabited by the likes of Charles Nyugen, Trevor Neumann, et al.)

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