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any sting standard holders in any gripsize contact the Plaz immediately. In the spirit of Hassan Isabbah I offer several virgins and some really great morrocan hash brownies.
What I love about the sting with pws is the response off the stringbed. So busy that my daily tennis routine has dwindeled to a day or two a month at most. I look forward to playing with my Sting as if it were sex with my petite phillipina girlfreind (honestly). The sting mid is Alamut, paradise, Mecca, disneyland, Kournikova's Kornikova, the kingdom of heaven awaits my brothers, grab your sting midsize and use an Eastern or Continental grip as our bible tells us, walk in the way of humble wisdom my brothers, pay the sting rate (the thrift store rate).

85 square inches, 72 virgins and three Dunlop Hardcourt Championship balls, a thousand wives, a hundred racquets, 12 tribes with 20% kevlar, seven golden stars of seven midsize angels.
I know the blasphemy of those who say they are players racquets but are not. And so my Lord ordained the poor man to feel a heavenly racquet like the gentle cool vessel of a potter as his wicked rich brethren was made to play with a sweatshopped rod of iron.
And because the poor child kept his honest feeling the Lord prevented him from the temptation of Satans develish sweatshopped pj.
And he opened a door for this child to see four racquets, a wilson, a prince, a head and a kneissl. And god spoke unto the son of man and said what racquets are in heaven are also in earth and under the earth.
And then an emerald elite pro throne manifested,,,
And the lord spoke one last time to the son of man before his final return.
I shall make you rich and free my son," the lord said" but I will make a small really dorky looking inverted throat stabilizer that you may never forget that it is your insecurity, your humbleness, the imperfect you which is so perfect to me was part of your road to Shalom Alechum.
The son of man ate the racquet of the Lord which became honey and a vision of smoke and suffering poured into his conciousness. It was the slaves of Egypt, the jews, only their skin was even a touch more from the sun, and their eyes were squinted from the sun.
The new people of God, made to suffer for the Pharoh. 12 hours of inlaid midplus graphite 97 square inches, with no days off, ever.
a trumpet sounded, it was my alarm clock. For a split second the numbers look like hebrew letters. I fall out of love and back in love with the world as my dreams and the warm comfort dissolves.
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