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Originally Posted by Aces09 View Post
I think it's kinda lame how none of the other french players are standing up to him
Think you meant for him. Actually, this isn't really true. Maybe it's just the gaping hole in tennis reporting in the US press that leaves that impression.

In Lequipe, the French sports daily paper, Tsonga, Santoro, and Llodra (and maybe others that I didn't catch) have been on record supporting him, in the sense that the situation is lame. L, lame. I don't think it's any smart person's place to step up and say he didn't snort anything that night unless they were with him, and they haven't said that. But these are his closest friends on tour. What they've said is no way he's an addict, and this is all BS. This is pretty French imo - there's a clear (excuse the pun) line between performance enhancing and recreational drug use. At the same time, this is a nightmare for French tennis, and my take (based on the Roland Garros coverage here) is that it's the kind of situation that they're afraid to mention... like saying the word cancer. TV announcers were lowering they're voice mentioning Gasquet (the best grass courter) in reference to the grass season. Finally, there was an impassioned, articulate and common sense plea in Tennis magazine (French - not the bs US mag of the same name) for leniency on Gasquet, which I hope makes a difference. The Tour de France wouldn't ban a rider for 2 years for drinking too much wine, and Gasquet shouldn't suffer the same fate for partying too hard. Bad judgement, you win... if anything, he should be punished for partying and ruining his chances - for not taking his talent seriously, not for enhancing his chances.
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