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Originally Posted by yonexxx View Post
well im not rlly looking for shoes i just really wants nadal capris
I was at a Nike outlet today (Gilroy, CA) and they had many of Nadal's Australian Open shorts. Officially, they are the Spring Long Check Short. Priced at $35. TW has them for $45 right now. I am not sure if you consider them capris, but they are longer than Nike's normal shorts.

I did pick up a pair of Breathe Cage I's for about $45. I just started wearing a pair of Cage II's about 3 weeks ago, so they new ones will have to wait. However, the Cage I's seem to have a very comfortable fit. I am looking forward to them!

I am not sure about this, but I remember hearing somewhere that Nike will ship shoes from another outlet to you (you just pay for shipping, I assume). Will they do the same for clothes? Call the Gilroy store and find out.

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