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Originally Posted by tfm1973 View Post
JRprostaf -- my sister and her kids are staying with me this week so i likely won't be able to sneak out and hit this week . . . . but i'm working on it. i am slowly trying to convince the wife that i am completely unnecessary at home and/or make it so she doesn't want me at home. it's a work in progress. alice301 is telling me to prebook a spot in the thursday drill if i have any intention at all of going. i'll let you guys know if i plan on going.
Sounds good, keep me posted.

I'm taking advantage of my "work from home" status today and multitasking while watching the murray/kendrick match right now. Robbie's looking a little streaky but he's hitting his forehand really well. I could get used to this... well for the next 2 weeks anyways and then again in August for the Open!
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