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Originally Posted by Momo
Hey Bill, I'm a bit confused by your comment about stepping forward with the closer foot (left foot for right-handers). Wouldn't that put you in a really open stance position? Am I misunderstanding or is the one handed backhand return almost a totally distinct stroke from a regular one handed topspin stroke, because it seems that way from how you describe the shot?

Sometimes, it is more of a semi-open stance and it depends on how wide the ball is. With a good shoulder turn and learning to block the ball, you can stay balanced and keep the ball going in the direction you want it to go. The foot closest to the ball should be moving first irregardless - even on your groundstrokes. If it is a slower ball you will have time to transfer your weight forward on the front foot, if not you will only have time to load and fire.

What you dont want to do is over turn by stepping across your dominant foot to much, this will get a onehander in a lot of trouble.

If I am playing a onehander, and I notice when I hit a serve to his backhand side and he is stepping across his body, I will wait for the right time and hit him a wide serve to the backhand (doesnt matter which side of the court) and come in to volley away the weak reply.
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