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Originally Posted by jun
I have one handed backhand and have trouble with return as well.

Common tips are very short backswing (or none), block it back.
You want to turn shoulder quickly as well.

It's a tough shot.

Wouldn't swinging across the body cause the shoulder to open up too soon? And possible shanking? For one hander the shoulder has to remain closed (stay in line with the aim)
I think I confused you. Basically, if your butt cap is facing the ball. When you sort of pull the butt cap towards the ball, the butt cap will be traveling across the front of your body before it breaks off diagonally to bring the racquet face into the ball. Their is a good video called Right Back Atcha Returns that teach a onehander how to hit wide balls etc. It has some good info in the video on how to read a server etc.
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