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Originally Posted by blackdot_fit View Post
being the OP of this thread, i must say it was very hard to part with my (2) PSLs. i'm now using two Head LM Rad MPs, but i miss my PSLs badly! i just didn't have the stamina and footwork to really put the PSL to good use.


once the PSL GTs come out (which is very soon, from what i've heard), you can bet your ***** i'll be picking up two of those, AND two of the 1st generation!

now if i could just lose 90 lbs,.....i'd be off the wagon again!

oh,---have any of you guys tried the Head Speed Pro alongside the PSL? just wondering if there were any similarities....
Hey blackdot you should have stuck with the PS LTD's they might have helped you lose the lbs.
Thanks for staring this thread and what did you do with your PS LTD's?
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