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Originally Posted by Mansewerz View Post
Well, is Pro's Pro as bad as their American counterparts, Maxline?
From what i have been informed, Pro´s Pro don´t use Lily Lee (eagnas manufacturing plant) anymore. They now use a brand new plant in China instead.

This may be a stupid question, but do you wrap the string around the diablo or are you just resting it on top of it? I have seen stringers not use the diablo at all because they are afraid of string kinks. When I added a diablo to my Wise, I found out I could use very minimum tension on the plates.
I also have a Wise tension head at home with the diablo and i know how to wrap the string around it . I have worked for a long time in a pro shop in both sweden and australia and i have strung on Bab star 3 and 4 for example, but i see your point and from example the wise tension head there was no slippage before i got the diablo.

With that tension clamp, it should work flawlessly both ways irregardless if diablo use or not. Star5 15 may be right possibly a bearing missing, anyways the slipping should not occur.If it is new, then there should not be a build up as yet, or even need to be cleaned as yet.
Somethig is wrong, he should send the tension head back to the company since it was just purchased.
It does not go as smooth as on the Wise , but smooth enough. I think i will record a short video tonight on how it looks when the machine pulls the string and the slipping occurs. It actually feels (very) good to string on it when it works. It pulls fast, powerful and the automatic clamps works really well. The only thing i was surprised over was the sound from the machinery (fan) that sounds like a computer. The wise is totally silent. ,, and of course the slipping string that occurs in a totally irregular pattern...
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