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Originally Posted by Conquistador View Post
There are barely any racquets that ive seen being played by the name of Gamma. Can anyone let me know what kind of racquets these are in terms of quality and performance. What about durability? Are there any professionals that use them? I see the racquets for sale on this website--but why is there little known about these racquets.
this is a quote from a thread started BY the OP in 05-31-2009...

Originally Posted by Conquistador View Post
I know a lot of people dont know too much about Gamma, but it is very popular here in pittsburgh. The corporate headquarters are in pittsburgh, and it is great to know the company is in my backyard. All of the best players use gamma products in my area. I know a lot of people that use gamma myself. I must say, gamma products are exceptional, durbable, and perform soo well. I recommend gamma products to anyone. Where I hit, they have gamma balls, i was amazed at how long the felt held. They're overgrips are extrordinary and their replacement grips are the gold standard as far as I am concerned. I just wished gamma would become more popular because theyre product is top of the class.
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can we give it a rest now?
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