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Default Sandbaggers and tankers

Since the implementation of the self rating system and removal of verifiers, the amount of former college players and teaching pros coming out of the woodwork to compete at the 4.0 and 4.5 level is astronomical! I was at a 4.0 match recently where a guy who was a former college player who played on a 5.0 team that won the nationals about 7 years ago is now playing at 4.0. I heard his team captain tell him to keep the match close and he proceeded to do just that. The first set he went up 5-0 with his opponent (a benchmark 4.0 player) winning only a handful of points. Then the tanking began. The ringer proceeded to lose the next 4 games by double faulting hitting the fence and hitting balls 4 feet wide. Then magically he won the last game to make it 6-4. He totally tanked the second set and lost 6-2. Then he went up 8-1 in the 10 point tiebreak and lost the next 6 points to make it 8-7. He then wins the next two points easily for the win. This is just one example. Meanwhile he is still under the radar and continuing to do the same in his other matches. The other team captain called the USTA office and told them of his concerns and was told that the computer would catch him. My theory is that if you played college tennis within the last 10 years you should start out at the 4.5 level. What do you guys think?
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