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Since there are so many of the ATP guys who use Pacific strings, but can't do the 'x' logo due to their racket Mfgs restrictions...most are doing:

1) Poly/Gut Hybrid (17) and about 50/50% as to gut mains or gut crosses

2) Poly Force - 70-30% being 17-ga (70%) and 16L (30%) & full poly set-up's

3) Poly Force Xtreme 1.25 - becoming a really popular string on Tour

4) Poly Soft Pro & either with gut or straight-up, it adds some 'softness' & feel

WTA players are similar to the above but with a huge following using X Force 18-ga - be it 100% or in a hybrid with Pacific gut or another Pacific synthetic

While there are so many ATP/WTA players using Pacific strings, it is difficult to 'track' them all because their racket Mfg's don't allow logos - but us in the 'stringing-caves' know they are..
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