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Originally Posted by Conquistador View Post
Gamma has some of the best stuff that no one knows about. Once Gamma grows-it could overtake the Yonex's of the world.
Conquistador speaks as though Gamma is some new, upstart company. The fact is Gamma has been around for decades--the notion the 'no one knows about' them is absurd. Gamma has been making racquets longer than Babolat or Technifibre yet still gets killed by both of them in the market place. If Gamma has not gotten their ***** together by now they never will. Gamma will always be a niche company. Conquistador speaks of Gamma overtaking Yonex. Considering how small Yonex's market share is that Gamma is still far below them is very telling. I admire Conquistador's blind devotion to Gamma, but's it's too bad he has absolutely nothing to validate it. The fact that Conquistador is continually allowed to make these pro-Gamma posts in the Pro's Gear forum when Gamma is close to nonexistant on the Pro tour is a bit baffling though.
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