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Originally Posted by plowmanjoe View Post
off topic, but how do those 6 moth warranties work? when you have a hole in your shoe before the 6 months, do you have to send them in first and then they send you new ones? also do the replacements have a 6 month warranty?
Depends on the vendor. Adidas requires that you send in both shoes. Fila simply had me cut the tongue out of one shoe and send it. Both require the original receipt and a small sum be included to cover S&H back to you. Normally takes 2-3 weeks to get your new pair.

The replacement is only good on one pair. This is clearly stated on the warranty cards. Best way to maximize value is to buy a pair on sale. Say $60-80. Then you get a second pair for free so you end up with 2 pairs at an average cost of $30-40 each.
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