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Default I'm Racketoholic, please help!!!

Warning: please don't sell me any more racquets for any price. I can't stop.

Over the past 2 months I probably bought over 50 racquets. Thank God I sold some too but this obsession will lead to a disaster. I will have to open a shop soon.

I probably don't remember all but here they are:

(1) Ultra original
(5) PS 85 St Vincent (2 near mint)
(2) PS 6.1 Classic 95
(2) (K)arbon Black K90
(1) String Graphite
(2) JK Millenium Edition (mint, numbered)

(1) Head AA Competition (original, near mint)
(1) Head Prestige Pro
(1) Head Prestige Pro 600
(1) Head Prestige Pro US (near mint)
(1) Head Prestige Tour 600 (new)
(1) Head Elite Pro
(1) Head Elektra Pro
(2) Head PC 600
(1) Head Graphite Pro
(1) Head Graphite Edge (TXE)
(1) Head Special Edition
(1) Head Turbo Lite Plus
(1) Head Flash Edge
(1) Head PT 280 Austria
(1) Head Graphite Director
(1) Head Premier Tour
(1) Head YouTek Speed Pro

(1) the original steel (prototype of T2000)
(1) Equijet 301
(2) Top 341 (mint)

(2) PK Black Ace 86 (near mint)
(2) PK Black Ace 90

(1) MAX 200G Pro
(1) MAX 200G
(1) Grand Slam Ultimate Graphite

Snawaert Ergonom original
Yonex OPS 37 (super rare boron)
Le Coq Sportif TS-25

This is my colorful Head/Prestige wall of fame:

Pro Staff Midsize

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