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Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
Sampras got no money from Wilson because he wouldn't use the current paint.

Becker paid for his racquets because Puma quit paying him. He negotiated the mould off them and paid Head of Austria like $25/frame to run off a number for him

If Becker were half the business man he thinks he is, he'd brush the dust off that mould and have the Chinese run 1000 off as a "commemorative" frame for sale under the Becker Banner.
The bit about Becker paying for his frames is correct. The part about Sampras getting no money from Wilson is not. Sampras got a buttload of money from Wilson. They would have loved to have him use an in-line frame, but they still paid him to use the PS and stencil his strings. Maybe they would have paid him even more had he used a PJ, but they definitely paid him... at least seven figures in fact. Also, while Becker had to buy his frames, Sampras got his St. Vincents free from Wilson.
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