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The more I play (which I think is important for sticks like this...), the more I love it. It swings so h-light, that I absolutely hammer serves.

I'm a righty, and I play (like most of us), mostly rightys.. I'm not afraid to hit that slice out wide do the FH and open up the court for a cc 2hbh, and I control the points if not winning it on my serve or a stupid mistake by me (quite possible).

Just digging it more and more.

One other poster a page or 2 back mentioned Lux BB Ace. I am using that in the mains (it's an 18g) and TF BiPhase 16 in the crosses. Best set up yet for me so far. The Ace feels great, almost makes me consider a full Ace set up. (can't do it though). Taking aggressive cuts.
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