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Originally Posted by backhand winner View Post
He didn't have to flaunt it. It just didn't look good on his part to rub it in even though it was unintentional. Let others talk about you is the way to go. Not you talking about yourself and wearing jackets to show what you did.
LOL. Exactly. Anyone who thinks it's "cool" to wear a jacket with your accomplishments WRITTEN ON IT.....ROFL! They're the ones who need to grow up. Especially when the jacket is custom made for you! It's not like it's a traditional uniform! And to do it AT an awards ceremony already know what you're getting a big trophy for it....

Low-class, cheesy, trailer-park stuff. Somebody in the WWE might do this, but they'd do it to get people to hate them, and they'd be doing it fully aware of how stupid it is....

This is worthy of an SNL win Wimbledon, your 15th title, and you put on a 15 jacket???
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