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Originally Posted by ericsson View Post
Hahaha you're a funny guy!
Infact i have Xavier's older racket, Prince retro with Rebel Paintjob
I had many but sold a lot due to space and a thing called wife
Currently have Amelie Mauresmo her personal stick brand new and some more but less known names...
I think you have the biggest and most valuable collection on the board here, everytime i look at my Lacoste Equijet i think of you
TT should crown you!
I'm waiting for your next collection...
How coincidence! I think of you when I'm looking at my Sony-Ericsson mobile phone everytime! hahaha...
There are two miserable things to any tennis enthusiasts what are selling away their favorable rackets, particular in those collectable ones and a terrible wife who would against any tennis activities....
"Wife" is always the natural enemy of their husband's hobby. But I have a solution to prevent any wife to complain too much rackets what husband own, actually I implement to myself what is having countless amount of rackets.
She will never notice the different between 5 and 6 hundred or even more rackets. To be honest, I also don't know how many rackets what I have exactly.

Thanks for the compliment! I believe that here are many TT chat-mates who also acquired wonderful collection, I really look forward to share the information on pro's personal stuffs to each others.

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