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the labels for the "interviews" are very misleading, many of them are equipment promo and not critical journalism. As a veteran published journalist I could smell the promo like a warm steamy pile.
To sell it as technical stuff and describe it innacurately, and then add bullet points at the end doesn't make it technical instruction or tips, it just makes it confusing and a cheap way to mislead your customers.
If the guy with a british accent wants to be a color commentator he should just interview these guys and gals and keep it to the players themselves.
Then take one or two and do a real instructional.
THen spens some tiem with one and do AAAALLLLL the promo crap you want for equipment.
This is kind of a shodily done promo-equipment-ad journalism sold as "tips" is an insult to real professional coaching if you ask me...
I expect more form tw
like mini clips of the wonderful instructionals you sell.
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