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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Thats a damn good question. I would say definitley close, but to be hard on myself, I should say I'm a 4.0 still. I can hit from both wings to wherever I want, but I still have some off days. I have hit with a 5.0 player around my age and have had some great battles on long rallies where I won them with clean winners. Basically, the guy always wants to hit with me when we see each other, so I know I'm not wasting his time. I also can win points clean off slice and drop shots, so I am not just banging everytime.

I won't have a great idea on my ranking until I start with the tournaments again. Which is my upcoming goal.
can relate to the off days...have to limit the nightly beer intake. that said, the following day played rough and lost the 1st set but the next 2 were mine...gotta thank the serve.

this rain thing keeps interrupting tennis play...the space shuttle crew must really be feeling it.
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